Greek Articles

The protection of databases in the community law – The recent Directive 96/9/EEC. 

Programme piracy and articles 16 – 17 l. 146/1914. 

Copying and reproducing videocassettes from the original is not falsification. 

Copyright in Greece and the inefficient penal protection according to L 2121/1993. 

Note on decision AP 1030/2010 Div. Α1' "Use od music work without the creator's permission". 

Note on decision DEE case C-283/2010, dec. of 24.11.2011. 

Notes to decision EfThes 3321/1998: Setting of a poem without the author’s consent. Copyright infringements. 

Penal protection of computer programmes. 

Public performance of music works in places of sanitary interest, trading stores and businesses. 

Procedural privileges in favour of Collecting Societies.