Here follows a list of the tariff tables of the collective management organisations as determined by the means of a decision issued by their Board of Directors, and subsequently notified to the Hellenic Copyright Organization (HCO), in accordance with Art. 23(2) Law No. 4481/2017. For any further information and detail, please visit the CMOs’ websites and/or contact them directly using the contact details provided here.

Disclaimer: HCO is not responsible for the tariff tables submitted and hereby displayed.

CMOs that represent authors / creators

  1. ATHINA - Directors / Scriptwriters
  2. AUTODIAXEIRISI - Composers / Lyricists
  3. ISOCRATIS - Photography Directors / Stage Designers / Costume Designers / Sound Engineers / Film Editors
  4. O.S.D.E.E.T.E. - Authors of fine arts
  5. O.S.D.E.L. - Writers / Publishers
  6. PHOEBUS - Photographers
  7. RIGHTHOLDERS' COOPERATIVE EDEM - Composers / Lyricists


Collective Managements Organizations that represent the related rights rightholders

  1. DIAS - Producers of audiovisual works
  2. DIONYSOS - Actors
  3. GEA - Sound
  4. GRAMMO - Producers of phonograms
  5. HERMIAS - Producers of motion pictures
  6. IRIDANOS - Producers of of audiovisual works
  7. TILEOPTIKA DIKAIOMATA S.A. - Related rights of broadcasting organizations and producers of audiovisual works