Consultory responses

The protection of the related right of the producer of phonograms fifty years after its creation.


Compensation of damages for infringements of intellectual property rights in France, under the Directive 2004/48/EC and its transposition law – New notions?

Collective work created by employees (The author of the work and original rightholder of the author’s right and the ipso jure transfer of rights to the employer, according to article 8, par. 1 of law 2121/1993).

Software protection towards unfair misappropriation.

Technical means and reproduction for private use.

Protection of artists and the constitutionality of laws 1064 and 1075 of 1980.

Related rights protection according to the law on illegitimate competition.

Special related right of publishers: The publication’s title as a sign and distinguishing mark.

On the legitimacy of copyright societies.