By decision of the Minister of Culture and Sports as published in the Official Gazette (series YODD, 345/7.6.2019,) Ms Evangelia Vagena has been appointed as the Director of the Hellenic Copyright Organization with a three-year term.

The selection was the result of the recommendation by an Evaluation Committee following the public call for expression of interest (Official Journal, series ASEP, 1/15.1.2019). The members of the Committee were the following:
(a) Dionysia Kallinikou, Emeritus Professor of Athens University Law School,
(b) Sylvia Stavridou Adjunct Professor of Democritus University of Trace Law School and
(c) Alexandros Koliothomas, L.L.M., lawyer, member of Athens Bar Association.
All candidates’ files along with the Committee’s justified recommendation in full detail and with particular reference to the academic qualifications, job experience and interview of each candidate were submitted to the Minister of Culture and Sports, who made the appointment as set out in Hellenic Copyright Organization’s statute.

She is a Doctor in Law and she lectures at the University of Piraeus as well as at the Athens University of Economics and Business. Among other things, she has worked a Legal Counsellor at the Hellenic Copyright Organisation for thirteen (13) years./p>