Greek Articles

Links and frames. Copyright and industrial property law issues on the Internet. 

Notes to decision MPrAth 2110/2003: Internet. Collection of e-mail addresses without the right holders’ consent. Electronic newspaper. 

The infringement of distinguishing marks from the use of metatags of web pages (with regard to EfMunich decision of April 6, 2000). 

The regulation of ISP’s liability. The content, extent and nature of such liability. 

Re-use of public sector information. Directive 2003/98 and its transposition into Greek law. 

Issues of substantial and procedural law with regard to software protection. 

Re-use of public sector information: Practical implementation issues of Law 3448/2006. 

The influence of information technology to copyright and industrial property law. 

Issues concerning the disposition of open content in the information society. 

The right to a database. In the boundary between copyright and industrial property law.