Greek Articles

The impact of peer to peer technology in copyright protection in the field of the internet. 

The impact of peer to peer technology to copyright protection in the internet field. 

The equitable remuneration of the author and of the rightholders of related rights according to article 18 par. 3 of l. 2121/1993 on copyright. 

Newsletter: Abusive enforcement of copyright. 

Nature and consequences of copyright, (comments on the German Federal Court 3.3.1959). 

Right of access to legal data bases that are created by public authorities. 

The rule of fundamental accommodations, after the decision of the Microsoft Committee and of the IMS Health CEC. 

Legal teaching in the internet: A critical approach. 

Author’s rights and related rights in the information society – Directive 2001/29/EC. 

Open source software. Copyright and contract law issues.