Greek Articles

The author’s right to define and control the destination of his work’s copies. 

Modification of Copyright Law: Law 3524/2007 and Community Directives. 

The originality criteria in photographs, MPrAth 2122/2004. Use of photography in trade marks and its reproduction in the Internet. 

EfAth 3214/2007 Dpt. 15. Interview and copyright infringement. 

Modification of copyright law – Law 3524/2007 and Community Directives. 

Are the rights reserverd? 

Copyright in Greek theory and case law. 

Telecommunications data under the view of confidentiality: thoughts on the integration of Direction 2002/58/EC. 

Software development techniques for the protection, administration and utilization of copyright on systems of informatics of the internet and electronic commerce. (Doctorate). Polytechnic School of the University of Patras. Patras 

EU directive 2001/29 and the attempt for copyright levy reform.