Greek Articles

The economic rights of the author according to article 3§1 L. 2121/1993. 

Comments on the decision n. 606/2003 of the Multimember Court of First Instance of Athens, dealing with the action for damages based on art. 65§2 sec. a’ L. 2121/1993. 

Directive 2004/48/EC on the enforcement of intellectual property rights – review and application scope. 

The performer artist that is employed by the Public sector (Thoughts with regard to the decision AP 670/2007). 

The authority of the intellectual author’s repentance. 

The performer as employee in the Public Sector. 

Penal protection of copyright. 

Bob Dylan - (The answer) is blowing in the wind. Thoughts on the decision of the Court of European Community on case C-240/2007 Sony Music Entertainment (Germany) GmbH versus Falcon Neue Medien Vertrieb GnbH. 

Copyright and related rights issues. 

Application of non-genuine administration of altered items in copyright.