Greek Articles

Photocopy reproduction of entire book in photocopy centers without the right holders’ consent. 

Notes to decision PPrAth 5345/2004: Copyright. Broadcasting of audiovisual materila in the news without the author’s consent. 

Music works and lending of sound and visual recordings. 

The right of public performance of works in hotel rooms. 

Notes to decision AP 670/2007: Copyright. Rights on works that were created by public servants during the exercise of their duty. Rights of performing artists and their exhaustion. 

Note to decision AP Ol 2/2007: Copyright. Collecting society. Equitable Remuneration. Recursive abatement. Protection of jural rights. 

Notes to decision AP 1403/2007: Protection of related rights. Expansion of protection of foreign right holders in Greece. 

The contribution of copyright to art and economy. 

Notes to decision MPrAth 941/2008: Copyright infringement performed with the publication of a book. 

Technical means and reproduction for private use.