Greek Articles

The convention for copyright and the convention for interpretations – performances and phonograph recordings – WIPO, 1996. 

The WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty. 

The protection of computer programmes with copyright. In: Records of Journal “Protection of Computer Programmes”, 31.10.1998, ASOEE – Judges and District Attorneys Association, p. 3. 

Copyright and related rights in the information society. 

Television broadcasting of old films. Copyright of directors and scene artists. 

Latest developments in the field of copyright and related rights, on an international, community and national level. 

Singers’ rights for performances recorded in sound devices before the beginning of the application of L. 2121/1993. 

Singers’ rights. 

Intellectual property and related rights: Historical development, Special issue on “Copyright”. 

Modern Copyright issues. In: Records of Journal "Software Piracy: Economic and Legal Consequences”, ASOEE, May 24, 1999. p. 43