Greek Articles

The copyright misuse doctrine in USA law and Community law. 

The implementation of the copyright misuse doctrine in Copyright Law in the U.S.A. Law and the Community Law. 

Cases of denial of copyright assignment in Competition Law of the U.S.A and of the Community Law. Approximation of the two legal systems through the use of a common legal and financial language.

Penal Protection of Computer Programmes. 

The aggravated mesdemeanouring form of the crime of copyright theft according to article 66 par. 3 (a) law 2121/1993. 

The notable form of copyright theft crime according to article 66 par.3 vs. A L. 2121/1993. 

The digital rights management systems under the prism of the legislation on the protection of consumers and the civil law. 

Free open source licences as a conventional form of organization of the productive activity. 

The intellectual property right. 

Copyright and ownership of an unpublished work.