Foreign Articles

Liability of internet service providers for copyright infringement and defamation actions in the United Kingdom and China: A comparative study.  

Copyright and its counterweights: A faltering balance.  

Revisiting originality.  

Is Kelly shifting under Google's feet: new Ninth Circuit impact on the Google Library Project litigation.  

Protecting databases under US and European Law - Methodical approaches to the protection of investments between unfair competition and intellectual property concepts.  

The "three-step test" and copyright limitations in Europe: European copyright law between approximation and national decision making.  

Code, copying, competition: the subversive force of para-copyright and the need for an unfair competition based reassessment of DRM laws.  

Software interfaces - Stuck in the middle: the relationship between the law and software interfaces in regulating and encouraging interoperability.  

Overreaching technological means for protection of copyright: identifying the limits of copyright in works in digital form in the United States and the United Kingdom.  

Dollars, downloads, and digital distribution: is "making available" a copyrighted work a violation of the author's distribution right.