Foreign Articles

International exhaustion of the distribution right under EC copyright law?  

Stakeholder consultation on copyright levies in a converging world - Response of the Max Planck Institute for intellectual property, Munich.  

The defence of "fair use" in unpublished works under U.S. and German Copyright Law. A comparison of an author's "moral right" in unpublished works.  

Overcoming the challenges posted by technology to traditional copyright law: from Betamax to Grokster.  

Revisiting originality.  

Compositions are being sold for a song: proposed legislation and new licensing opportunities demonstrate the unfairness of compulsory licensing to owners of musical compositions.  

Protectable "nuggets": Drawing the line between idea and expression in computer program copyright protection.  

No justice for Johnson? A proposal for determining substantial similarity in pop music.  

Understanding the Copyright Act of 1790: The issue of common law copyright in America and the modern interpretation of the copyright power.  

China's regulations on the right of communication through the information network.