Foreign Articles

Book review: Rethinking copyright: History, theory, language.  

Is copyright a human right?  

Copyright illuminated: Refocusing the diffuse U.S. statute (book review).  

Copyright: Which law applies? Some thoughts on issues of authorship, (first) ownership of right and works created by employees.  

"Anonymous, untitled, mixed media": Mixing intellectual property law with other legal philosophies to protect traditional cultural expressions.  

Esstimating the economic impact of mass digitization projects on copyright holders: evidence from the Google Book Search Litigation.  

IP crimes: Teh prospect for EU-wide criminal sanctions - A long road ahead?  

Kant on copyright: rights of transformative authorship.  

Christo's Gates and the meaning of art: Lessons for the law.  

Punitive damages in copyright infringement actions under the US Copyright Act.