Foreign Articles

My place or yours: copyright, place-shifting, and the siingbox: a legislative proposal.  

Public archives and public copyright: the chinese tale.

Which way should software turn? - copyright or copyleft?: the effect of gplv3 on the future of the free and open source software movement.  

Infringement nation: copyright reform and the law/ norm gap.  

the law: The right of integrity in Britain.  

The constitutional challenge to statutory damages for copyright infringement: don't Gore section 504.  

Not such a crafty corkscrew? Sheldon v Metrokane and teh status of industrial design as "Works of artistic craftsmanship" under Australian Law.  

Orphan works, U.S. copyright law, and international treaties: reconciling differences to create a brighter future for orphans everywhere.  

Pirates of the Orient: China, film piracy, and Hollywood.  

Choosing the best path: compensation for copyright infringement.