Foreign Articles

Indirect enforcement of the Intellectual Property Clause.  

The joint work dilemma: The seperately copyrightable contribution requirement and co-ownership principles.  

Towards a new paradigm in justifying copy¬right: an universalistic-transcendental approach.  

Improving secondary liability standards in copyright by examining intent: Why courts should consider creating a "good faith" standard for secondary liability.  

Book Review: Copyright Duration: Duration, Term Extension, The European Union, and the Making of Copyright Policy.  

Moral rights of authors in England: The missing emphasis on the role of creators.  

Ethics, reality and the Law - The example of Premusicae v. Telefonica & LSG v. Tele2.  

Spreading the news online: a fine balance of copyright and freedom of expression in news aggregation.  

"Po-mo karaoke" or post-colonial pastiche? What fair use analysis could draw from literary criticism.  

Original sin: Reconciling originality in copyright with music as an evolutionary art form.