Foreign Articles

Post-Grokster contributory copyright liabity and potential P2P entitlement to the DMCA ISP safe harbors. 

Protecting moral rights in the United States and the United Kingdom: challenges and opportunities under the U.K.'s new performances regulation.  

Book search is beautiful? An analysis of whether Google Book Search violates international copyright law.  

The Devil wears Prado: a look .at the Decision Piracy Prohibition Act and the extension of copyright protection to the world of fashion.  

Fixing through legislative fixation: a call for the codification and modernization of the staple article of commerce doctrine as it applies to copyright law.  

Counterfeiting and piracy - Removing the incentives through confiscation.  

Digital rights management systems (DRMs); recent developments in Europe. 

Protecting copyright owners of digital music - no more free access to cyber tunes.

Google and fair use. 

Copyright preemption of contracts.