Foreign Articles

Comment on: Lucasfilm Ltd v Ainsworth: The force of copyright protection for three-dimensional designs as sculptures or works of artistic craftsmanship.  

The fair use doctrine and trackjacking: beautiful animal or destroyer of worlds?  

The digital Titanic: the sinking of in the DMCA's safe harbor.  

Copyright's past and its application to copyright's future. 

From copyright law to information law.  

The EC copyright Directives, economics and authors' rights.  

Restrictions on copyright and their abuse.  

The Dutch Supreme Court recognises "Dilution of copyright" by degeneration of a copyright design into unprotected style: The flying Dutchman - All sails, no anchor (Part 2).  

Is there hidden agenda behind the general non-implementation of the EU three-step test?  

The recent public lending right scheme in the Netherlands.