Foreign Articles

Copyright term extension: Shaping American creativity.  

Adherence to the Berne Copyright Convention: the moral rights issue.  

The future is calling (or is it the past?): Register deems compulsory license of Copyright Act applicable to cell phone ringtones.  

Motion picture soundtrack music: A gap or graff in copyright protection.  

Copyright as it applies to the protection of computer programs in Canada.  

Advertising and appropriation: Copyright and fair use in advertising.  

BMS Entertainment/Heat Music LLC v. Bridges: how the court got it wrong ... just like that. Burger P. - F., 1988, IIC - International Review of Industrial Property and Copyright Law, vol. 19, 1-6/1988, p. 319 The new photocopy remuneration provisions in the Federal Republic of Germany and their application to foreign authors under international copyright law.  

Method and madness in copyright law.  

The mereology of digital copyright.  

The interstices of copyright law and contract law: Finding the terms of an implied nonexclusive license in a failed work for hire agreement.