Foreign Articles

Conference report: The copyright society of the USA mid-winter meeting.  

Criminal Liability: BitTorrent: a UK perspective.  

The truth and "truthiness" about knowing material misrepresentations.  

Getting your priorities right: Brazil's recent reaction to piracy.  

Photographs, privacy and public places.  

New landscape in the copyright protection for maps: Mason v. Montgomery Data, Inc.  

Big shop of horrors: ownership in theatrical design.  

The CJEU's ruling in the Premier League Pub TV cases - the Final Whistle Beckons: Football Association Premier League Ltd v QC Leisure (C-403/08) and Karen Murphy v Media Protection Service Ltd (C-429/08).  

Art resale rights and the art resale market: A follow-up study.  

Alternatives to the copyright power: the relationship of the Copyright Clause to the Commerce Clause and the treaty power.