Foreign Articles

Four thousand words on Finnegans Wake: the misuse of copyright doctrine and the controversy surrounding the estate of James Joyce.  

Writing in frost on a window pane: E-mail and chatting on RAM and copyright fixation.  

Copyright and the world's most popular song.  

YouTube or youlose: can YouTube survive a copyright infringement lawsuit.  

The Copyright Royalty Tribunal: An American perspective.  

Whose art is it anyway? An alteernative solution of fine art licensing.  

Evaluating the Demsetzian Trend in Copyright Law.  

Sheep in goats' clothing: satire and fair use after Campbell v. Acuff-Rose music, Inc. 

Competition law and copyright – Observations from the world of collecting societies.  

Interface between the protection of technological measures and the exercise of exceptions to copyright and related rights: Comparing the situation in the United States and in the European Community.