Press releases

  • 31.01.2014 - International conference with the title: “Copyright and the Digital Agenda for Europe: Current Regulations and Challenges for the Future”
  • 18.04.2013 - SDOE and software piracy
  • 29.03.2013 - Memorandum of understanding between Collecting Societies and OTE, WindHellas
  • 28-29.10.2012 - UNESCO, the Ministry of Education and Religion Affairs, Culture and Sports and the Hellenic Copyright Organization organize an international conference with the title "National Policies of Partnership on Copyright Enforcement on the Internet between Rightholders and Internet Service Providers"
  • 17.05.2012 - Crucial decision of the First Degree Court of Athens for the fight against online piracy.
  • 10.10.2011 - Introduction of Special Service in Greek Police for fighting Copyright Infringement and of Special Department for the Protection of Software and Copyright
  • 10.10.2011 - SDOE: New Departments for Copyright Protection