OPI represented Greece in the proceedings of the Working Group operating in accordance with art. 12 of Directive 2001/29, in the framework of the EU Commission. The main subject of the meeting was the amendment of the standing legislative framework on equitable remunerations.

OPI represented Greece in the proceedings of the Third Conference of the Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE), created by WIPO (Geneva).

OPI represented Greece in a meeting in Brussels regarding the course of the embodiment of Directive 2004/48 on the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

OPI participated in the Specialist Conference, which took place in Vienna, Austria and was co-organized by the Austrian Presidency and the EU, with the following subject: “Content and Competition – Strengthening the European Creative Industries in the light of the i2010 Strategy”.

OPI represented Greece in the Working Group on Intellectual Property (Copyright), which assembled in the framework of the European Union’s Council, in Brussels. The purpose of these meetings was the European Union’s coordination regarding the negotiations for the New Treaty for Broadcasting Organizations, taking place in WIPO by the Standing Committee for Copyright and Related rights.