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On Tuesday 01 February 2022, the HCO continuing its cooperation with the 2nd Experimental High School of Athens and in response to the invitation of the school teacher Mrs. S. Pashaliori, visited the school for a second time.

During the two hour visit, the lawyer-scientific associate of the HCO, Mrs. Maria G. Sinanidou, talked to the students of the third grade about the work of the HCO, the importance of copyright protection as well as the avoidance of actions that infringe copyright with an emphasis on the digital environment.


The European Commission is proposing to the European Parliament and Council to sign up to a declaration of rights and principles that will guide the digital transformation in the EU.

The draft declaration on digital rights and principles aims to give everyone a clear reference point about the kind of digital transformation Europe promotes and defends. It will also provide a guide for policy makers and companies when dealing with new technologies.


On Tuesday 18th of January 2022, the HCO visited the 2nd Experimental High School of Athens in response to the invitation of the school teacher Mrs. S. Pashaliori.


The European Commission adopted the 2022 work programme of Creative Europe, which will be followed by the launch of the relevant calls for proposals. With a budget of around €385 million, Creative Europe strengthens its support to creative and cultural partners taking due account of the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 crisis and the growing global competition.


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WIPO's Global Awards program recognizes exceptional enterprises and individuals using intellectual property (IP) to make a positive impact - both at home and beyond their own borders.


The WIPO released the Report on Voluntary Copyright Registration Systems which aims too present relevant and structured information on the voluntary registration, recordation and legal deposit systems in place in Member States.


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The European Commission presented the CulturEU Funding Guide and web tool for funding opportunities for the cultural and creative sectors in European Union programs 2021-2027.