The European Commission has issued a work program for the upcoming 2023 which is based on six main pillars.

  1. The European Green Deal
  2. A Europe fit for the digital age
  3. An economy that works for people
  4. A stronger Europe in the world
  5. Promoting our European way of life
  6. A new impetus for European democracy

In addition to the ongoing joint efforts with Member States to achieve goals under the Digital Decade, the European Commission will propose tools for the development of open human-centric virtual worlds, such as meta-universes. These provide myriad possibilities for industries and service sectors, the creative arts and citizens, as well as opportunities to address wider societal challenges such as health and smart cities.

Following the European Parliament's resolution under Article 225 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the Commission will propose a recommendation on live content piracy that offers a toolbox to combat the illegal streaming of live events, in particular sports events.

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