The Hellenic Copyright Organization (OPI) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, with which OPI became the authorized body of our country ("national contributor") to the important initiative entitled "WIPO ALERT", which is part of the WIPO “Building Respect for Intellectual Property Database Project”.

It is a secure and access-controlled online platform, hosted by WIPO, where authorized entities can upload lists of websites that have been found to be infringing copyright in accordance with their national law.

By applying, advertisers, advertising agencies and their technical support providers can become authorized users of the “WIPO ALERT” platform in order to gather these illegal online media around the world to avoid placing advertisements on them. In this way, the infringement of intellectual property rights is not financed - even indirectly - while the advertised companies are protected from the negative impact on their reputation due to association with illegal activities.

The platform aims to strengthen the effective enforcement of intellectual property rights, in the interest of social and economic development and consumer protection, as well as to promote a culture of respect for intellectual property rights through education and awareness.

The Hellenic Copyright Organization contributes to this initiative by publishing the list of domain names and Internet Protocol addresses, which have been ordered to stop access based on the relevant decisions of the Commission for the Notification of Internet Infringements of Intellectual Property (ICIP), highlighting at an international level the project of EDPPI.

You can see more about the “WIPO ALERT” initiative here.

For information about about the BRIP program select here.

The decisions of EDPPI and the relevant lists of domain names and internet protocol addresses, where access has been blocked, are available here.