This report published on 24.11.2020 presents the findings of the 2020 study on ‘European Citizens and Intellectual Property: Perception, Awareness and Behaviour’ (2020 IP Perception study). The overarching aim of this study is to gather knowledge on Europeans’ attitudes towards intellectual property (IP), the degree to which they respect these rights, and the concept that they have of IP as a whole. More specifically, the study serves as a monitoring tool of public opinion with regards to:

  • General knowledge and perception of IP;
  • Awareness of the value of IP and the damage caused by infringements;
  • Counterfeit goods and pirated online content, and the reasons for buying or using these (or not);
  • The availability and quality of offers of legal online content at European Union (EU) and at national level

In its third edition, the study shows a gradual but encouraging change in understanding and attitudes, following the previous surveys by the EUIPO in 2013 and 2017.

This EU-wide study confirms that the vast majority of citizens agree that it is important that those who invest time and money in innovation have their rights protected and are paid for their work.

This time, there is a particularly large increase in respect for artists and creators. In addition, people are gradually saying that they have a better understanding of IP rights, which is an important finding, given the evidence that those who understand these rights are less likely to deliberately infringe them.

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