The HCO successfully participated in the 19th Thessaloniki International Book Fair, which took place on May 4-7, 2023, with its own exhibition stand and speeches by HCO officials on the topic "Copyright and Books", which took place on Friday, May 5, in the "ALKI ZEI" hall and attracted the interest of the attendees at the International Fair.

The deputy director of the HCO, Ms. Maria Daphne Papadopoulou, participated with a speech entitled "Copyright Law and Books",  while Ms. Maria Sinanidou, scientific associate of the HCO, also participated with her speech on the topic "Creation and Artificial Intelligence: basic principles and contemporary issues from copyright law", while legal issues related to the publishing contract were also discussed. Both speakers answered questions raised by the audience at the end of the speeches.

HCO staff provided the visitors with printed information material on copyright, as well as information on the work of the HCO in general. A significant part of the material available was aimed at teachers and students in primary and secondary education.

This year the Thessaloniki International Book Fair honoured American literature.

Find the presentations below.

Below are photos from the exhibition stand of the HCO, as well as from the presentations in the "ALKI ZEI" hall.