The President of the Committee for the Notification of Copyright and Related Rights Infringement on the Internet announces that as of Monday 3 September 2018 the Committee shall commence its operations and shall accept all applications for protection from Copyright and Related Rights Infringement on the Internet.


Press release of the Special Service of Emergency Rights Management - Justification for Greek creators: The Special Service of Emergency Rights Management launches its operation

Athens, 29 June 2018. The Special Service of Emergency Rights Management, which currently represents over 14.500 Greek authors and songwriters, rights holders, multinational and Greek music publishers and the large majority of the foreign Collective Management Organizations, is pleased to announce the launching of its operation, situated in the previous Greek CMO AEPI’ s premises, at 53, Samou str., in Maroussi.


The Hellenic Copyright Organization and Google (with the participation of the University of Nicosia and the International Hellenic University) organize a conference with the title «Copyright Infringement on the internet: Developments in Greece and the European Union».

The conference will be held on the 22nd of February 2018 in Aegli Zappiou (Room Olympia).


The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) intents to gather information from all stakeholders on the issue of Orphan Works. To that end, it calls all interested parties to answer the “Orphan Works Survey 2017”.


On Monday, April 10 2017, the HCO participated in the 2nd Conference on Experiential Education that was organized by Politistiko Parko at the Lycabettus Multicultural Center in Athens.


On Friday, February the 10th 2017, a representative of the Hellenic Copyright Organization (HCO) visited the Elementary School of Isthmia of Korinthos in order to make a presentation about copyright and to discuss copyright related issues with the pupils of the fifth and the sixth grade.

In the afternoon, the HCO and the Directorate of Secondary Education of Korinthos, organized an educational seminar with the title «Copyright and Education».


The webinar will provide European SMEs with practical advice on how to protect their IP in China. Our China IPR SME Helpdesk expert Ms. Alessandra Chies will give European SMEs an overview of the main differences in IP protection between Europe and China focusing on the basic IP rights like copyrights, trade marks, patents and design patents. The IP expert will discuss differences in IP registration, protection and enforcement and give advice to the SMEs on how to build a robust IP protection strategy in China. Ms. Chies will use numerous case studies to illustrate the importance of knowing the main differences in IP protection between Europe and China.


The HCO’s educational programme “Copyright and Related Rights” received the approval of the Ministry of Education for the school year 2016-2017. For the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades of the primary school the programme can be implemented in the Flexible Zone. For the 5th and 6th grades, the programme can be implemented as part of the Social and Political Education and through the Cultural Activities. In all the grades there can be interdisciplinary implementation of the program.


The aim of this study is to provide an updated, improved assessment of the combined contribution to the economies of the EU from industries that make intensive use of the different types of intellectual property rights (IPR).