Presentation on the subject of: «Online copyright protection and management issues»

Seminar, regarding the current, copyright, issues

Recommendation on “Issues regarding the enforcement of author’s rights on Internet”

Recommendation on copyright law, regarding issues of customs legislation

Introduction to copyright law and implementation issues

Recommendation in the 3rd Film Festival

Recommendations on “Fundamental copyright concepts” and “Fundamental copyright concepts and the exercise of the moral right in digital libraries”

Recommendation on “The enforcement of copyright law – enforcement problems”

World Intellectual Property Day 2007

On April 25 and 26, 2007, in the context of the World Intellectual Property Day, OPI organized for the second consecutive year, a series of events at “Technopolis” in Gazi, with the participation of the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization, the collecting societies AEPI, PHOEBUS, THESPIS, HERMIAS, ERATO, OSDEL, ATHENA, GRAMMO, the collective protection societies EPOE and OPDDE, as well as BSA.

Recommendation at the educational seminar on “Modern problems and positions of case-law on copyright law, competition and consumer protection”